Student Life

We aren't the same, and we were never meant to be.

We’re a diverse campus and a community of varied interests, talents, and worldviews. Part of the beauty of UHart is that we encourage our students to embrace that eclectic mix and to add to it through a wide range of clubs, activities, and organizations. 

Residential Life

UHart should feel like home. That’s why we offer flexible living arrangements to suit your individual lifestyle and preference. If you just feel like staying in, we got you covered. We have game rooms with pool tables, table tennis, TV lounge areas, and a fire pit set up for you to take a break and enjoy times with friends. If you feel life going out for a meal with friends, there are many choices for dining on-campus. Visit Hawks Nest to watch the game, grab a coffee at Starbucks, visit Commons for a wide variety of food and delicious baked goods from Park River Bakery.

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The biggest thing that helped me make friends was doing all the activities Residential Life put together. Go to the club fairs and if you see something you like, just do it."

Sara Gambacorta ’16, BSE, Acoustical Engineering and Music

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